Hosting institution

Our tasks as a hosting institution are:

  • Assign  tasks and responsibilities to participants to match their knowledge, skills, competences and training objectives, and ensure that the appropriate equipment and support is available.
  • To foster understanding of the culture and lifestyle of the host country, helping the incoming students with language training and socializing.
  • To identify a tutor to monitor the participant’s training progress.
  • To provide practical support if required, regarding to accomodation and transport.
  • To check appropriate insurance cover for each participant.

How to apply

During all our school year we are open to receive requests from our European partners for stays in Menorca and to study its feasibility.

Tutors and students from other countries should contact the Mobility Coordinator (Aquesta adreça de correu-e està protegida dels robots de spam.Necessites Javascript habilitat per veure-la., 971 48 02 37).


Linguistic trainning

Foreign students will be prepared in our language with the necessary dose of grammar, activity-based literacy practices and conversation, simulating common situations, and a special section for technical terminology, of tools and facilities they will find in the company. We offer the students an intensive course of 10 hours, during the first week of stay in our country. For any language problem, the mobility coordinator is always available to support them even in their free time. However, our school-business relationship is very close and familiar, so the linguistic problems are easily solvable.