The IES Josep Maria Quadrado has participated in several projects of Leonardo Da Vinci mobility of students, in calls for 2007, 2010 and 2012 with the co-operation of our Balearic Government, allowing several students to take their module On-the-Job Training (FCT), which they need in order to finish their studies, in Italy (in Vincenza and Florence companies).

 Since 2013, we can provide our High Vocational Training students the opportunity to take their two months of their On-the-Job learning period in a foreign country. From there to now, one higher level student per year has travelled to Firenze and they have completed his 2nd year of the Higher Level Training Course there. Since 2013 we got developed our own Leonardo da Vinci Programme, thanks to which three VET students have done a part of their on-the-job learning period in Florence (Italy) and Jyväskyla (Finland) companies.

Alejandro a Idrogas 1

In addition to this, in 2015-16 two teachers of our department have travelled to Rendsburg (Germany) for getting to know first hand how the German vocational training works.

Moreover, our institution owns a wide experience in European educational exchanges:

  • Academic year 2000-01:participation in the multilateral Comenius "Educating city project ESPE" along with other high schools from Hungary and Italy.
  • Academic year 2003-04: new multilateral Comenius project called "GRYBB. Rings for Education" coordinated by an Italian school and with the participation of other schools from Hungary, The Netherlands, France and the Czech Republic.
  • Academic year 2007-11: four editions of the project "Bike-coast-Bike" have been performed within the bilateral Comenius program with a Dutch high school in Hoorn.
  • Academic year 2009-10: we launched another multilateral Comenius project called "FIN", involving schools from the Czech Republic, Poland and Turkey.
  • Academic year 2010-11: language exchanges with secondary schools of France and Catalonia.


  • Academic year 2012-013:participation in the multilateral Comenius "Isolation" along with other secondary schools from Hungary, the Czech Republic, Cyprus and Austria .

Furthermore, our participation in the “Secciones Europeas” project from the year 2005-06 should be taken into consideration. The subjects Music, Art and Physical Education in secondary education are taught in English. In addition, two subjects in our higher-level vocational training course are being taught in English.