Pràctiques d'FP en empreses Europees: ERASMUS AND LEONARDO PROGRAMMES - Tasks as sending institution

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Our tasks as a sending institution are:

  • To define placement objectives in terms of the skills and competences to be developed.
  • To choose the appropriate target country, host organisation, project duration and placement to achieve the objectives.
  • To select participants on the basis of clearly defined and transparent criteria.
  • To prepare participants in collaboration with partner organisations for the practical, professional and cultural life of the host country, in particular through tailored language training to meet their occupational needs.
  • To establish a contract including a training agreement, the contents of which are transparent for all the involved parts .
  • To manage transport, accommodation, visa/work permit arrangements and social security cover and insurance.
  • To evaluate with each participant the personal and professional development achieved through participation in the Leonardo programme.
  • To negotiate a tailor-made training programme for each participant (if possible during preparatory visits).
  • To agree monitoring and mentoring arrangements.
  • To implement agreed validation procedures to ensure recognition of the acquired skills and competences .
  • To establish appropriate communication channels for all parts, including participants.
  • To evaluate the progress of the project on an on-going basis and take appropriate action if required.