Pràctiques d'FP en empreses Europees: ERASMUS AND LEONARDO PROGRAMMES - The process step by step

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The process step by step:

At the beginning of the year our European partners are contacted by telephone and e-mail in order to renew our commitment for another year. After this, we publish the call for the scholarship in the center and perform the selection of students, according to established criteria and language. Before mobilities, we sign a series of agreements that reflect the different training activities that students are prepared to perform according to their curriculum, and that will show at the end of the process if it was successful. The placements of our students abroad take place in the last quarter of the school year (April-May-June). They work in companies where they can put into practice the knowledge acquired during the Professional course , and where they can make fully autonomous life that will help / force them to deal with a language and culture other than their own. The dates for sending and receiving students are specified each year depending on the school holidays in the different countries.


Of course, we believe in the necessity of a prior preparation phase for the participants, and in a careful selection of them, to ensure the success and experience of the project. Placements monitoring is done by the HEIS coordinator, along with European intermediary partners via email and skype to check the integration of students in the host companies. The coordinator also makes a conference via skype with students each week. As a result of this experience, at the end of the project the students receive the appropriate certificate attesting to their stay and the Europass Mobility document.