Pràctiques d'FP en empreses Europees: ERASMUS AND LEONARDO PROGRAMMES - Linguistic training:

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 Linguistic training:

Linguistic preparation in the language of the destination country will be held throughout the months of January, February and March. These lessons take place in the afternoon, after school hours, as the school hires the services of a private language center of excellence in the city, which provides the students a high level of oral training and practice.

Foreign students will be prepared in our language with the necessary dose of grammar, activity-based literacy practices and conversation, simulating common situations, and a special section for technical terminology, of tools and facilities they will find in the company. We offer the students an intensive course of 10 hours, during the first week of stay in our country. For any language problem, the mobility coordinator is always available to support them even in their free time. However, our school-business relationship is very close and familiar, so the linguistic problems are easily solvable.