Pràctiques d'FP en empreses Europees: ERASMUS AND LEONARDO PROGRAMMES - Internship in Minorca. How do we work?

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 Internship in Menorca: how do we work?

Our main objective is that the students acquire and use the knowledge, competences and qualifications needed to facilitate their personal development, employability and participation in the European labor market. In order to get this, the specific objectives are set based on updated and advanced technology contents. We also want to improve their professional competence in general. It will be dealt with internship in companies (FCT) related to Thermal Systems Maintenance.

In our Vocational Training Department, we work as a team, and have constant communication with the National Agency OAPEE. Our Mobility Coordinator is responsible for: the publication and development of student selection of our Leonardo and Erasmus students, the arrangements of placements of students from abroad, searching and contacting partners and monitoring the completion of the On-the-Job learning period at companies.
To get this, we have an intermediary institution who is in charge of searching and assigning the host partners (companies) to each of our students abroad, according to their technical profile and the previous agreement with the company. The contents to be developed by the participants during the internship (“Formación en Centros de Trabajo”) will correspond to the contents of the vocational training level the students have.
On the other hand, we need to promote modern foreign languages learning. At first, it will be dealt with the students' training, sometimes before the mobility, other times in the host country,  and also transversally, by the students' language immersion in the host country. We offer an intensive Spanish course for foreign students who come to Menorca for their placements.
Regarding the host companies, it is essential their willingness to collaborate with us, paying continuous attention to the participants, facilitating their integration in the teamwork, controlling the activities they do, providing  technical formation when needed, and making possible the fluent communication with the student to guarantee the success of the project. In order to select the host partners, we rely on our intermediary partners in Finland (Yÿvaskÿla College), in Germany (Berufsbildungszentrum am Nord-Ostsee-Kanal) and in Italy (Instituto Leonardo da Vinci de Florencia), which are prestigious by their organization in staying, accomodation and company searching, and with which we have already had very good experiences in previous mobilities. As the intermediary partner, we all have seen the profile of the companies needed for the internship development, we all have looked for the best accomodation conditions, and we all have a very attractive proposal in which the internship is combined with a complete plan aimed at controlling and attending the participants.