Pràctiques d'FP en empreses Europees: ERASMUS AND LEONARDO PROGRAMMES - Previous experiences

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Our previous experiences under the LdV Program have been 7 successful placements in several Italian Companies of Vincenza and Florence. Moreover, our institution owns a wide experience in European educational exchanges:

  • Academic year 2000-01:participation in the multilateral Comenius "Educating city project ESPE" along with other high schools from Hungary and Italy.
  • Academic year 2003-04: new multilateral Comenius project called "GRYBB. Rings for Education" coordinated by an Italian school and with the participation of other schools from Hungary, The Netherlands, France and the Czech Republic.
  • Academic year 2007-11: four editions of the project "Bike-coast-Bike" have been performed within the bilateral Comenius program with a Dutch high school in Hoorn.
  • Academic year 2009-10: we launched another multilateral Comenius project called "FIN", involving schools from the Czech Republic, Poland and Turkey.
  • Academic year 2010-11: language exchanges with secondary schools of France and Catalonia.


  • Academic year 2012-013:participation in the multilateral Comenius "Isolation" along with other secondary schools from Hungary, the Czech Republic, Cyprus and Austria .

Furthermore, our participation in the “Secciones Europeas” project from the year 2005-06 should be taken into consideration. The subjects Music, Art and Physical Education in secondary education are taught in English. In addition, two subjects in our higher-level vocational training course are being taught in English.