The IES Josep Maria Quadrado is a state school located in Ciutadella de Menorca, Balearic Islands, where students are taught secondary education, undergraduate education and vocational training education, including both tertiary and first cycle degrees: Initial Vocational Training Program of  “Manufacturing and assembly”, an Intermediate Vocational Training course “Electromechanical maintenance assembly”, and Higher Vocational Training Course “Maintenance Technician in HVAC-R facilities”. It has a management team of 10 people and a mobility coordinator, responsible for implementing Erasmus+ mobility programs in high school. All courses in our training cycle are detailed in Catalan on our website.

 In the school, we are around 75 teachers and 600 students, and 15 non-teaching staff . This center provides the professional family "Installation and Maintenance" since 1996, and has trained most of the professionals in this family on the island of Menorca.  For a long time, we have been promoting educational proposals to facilitate exchanges, the cooperation and the mobility of our teachers and students among the education and training systems in European countries. These initiatives have become a quality reference for our school.

 Thereby, under the Erasmus+ Program  we want to reach the following aims:

  • To enhance the quality of our higher, medium and basic level vocational training and therefore the expertise of our technicians.

  • To provide a European approach to future professionals in Menorca, participating and contributing to the European area of higher education.

  • To strengthen the sense of global citizenship in the professionals, in order to improve the social cohesion and the intercultural dialogue on the island.

  • To prepare the professionals for future technical and organizational changes in their evolving sector, encouraging the exchange of relevant information  to the profession.

  • To promote the implementation of sustainable energy development in Menorca, as it is done in other European countries with more advanced technologies.

The project aims that students come into contact with new technologies on the professional areas they study, and in an industrial environment very different from what can be found in the Balearic Islands, and especially in Menorca, which is quite limited. The main objective is that students know and assume the reality of the European Labour Market they belong to, and that they become able to remove boundaries and open cultural, social and professional horizons. Another important objective is to promote the development of the students' language skills in a foreign language, especially English. Therefore, the chosen formula is immersion in host countries where the students can cope with a EU language, like Italian, Finnish or German, and offer an attractive technological development in the field of installation and maintenance.

Thanks to the Erasmus charter for our Higher Level Training Course that we applied for we can provide our High Vocational Training students the opportunity to take their two months of their On-the-Job learning period in a foreign country. The mobilities taken in any part of this Erasmus framework are designed for students who are over 18 years, who are enrolled in the 2nd year of the Higher, ,edium or basic Level Training Course.

We also welcome foreign students who want to come to Menorca for their On-the-Job learning period.  We try to do our best on helping them to find a good acommodation and placement. Tutors are also welcome.